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If Content Marketing is King, then Video is the King Pin

Aug 02 2018

If Content Marketing is King, then Video is the King Pin

Video is one of the best, most efficient, and most effective ways of communicating your brand. Why?

1.Video allows consumes to absorb the information FASTER than reading or listening.

Not only is video both entertaining AND informative, but it’s faster! Take preparing a recipe for example. It takes at least twice as long to read through the recipe directions as it does to just watching a quick video showing how to make the recipe. Video feeds our impatience! Speaking of that, I will try to make this post quick and to the point. According to Animoto 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a produce than read about it. And 1 out of 5 consumers say that they’ll LOSE interest in a product if it does not have a video.

2. Video Feeds The Senses So it’s a Natural Fit for Story Telling

Since video is a fast way of getting your point across, smart companies have figured out that video is a primary component to story telling. Compelling graphics and music to create an emotional connection to your brand can be extremely motivating to sell your product. Take a look at this video we helped write for  Volkswagen SouthTowne. It’s s a higher-end production quality to tell the story of how they can sell cars for less.

3. Video is More Accessible Than Ever Before.

If you’re just starting out, you don’t have to have a fancy production company or a high-end video to start incorporating video into your content marketing strategy.So many people have smart phones with GREAT cameras. YouTube dominates the video space and plenty of contributors are just using their hand-held devices. Facebook / Instagram is trying to get some marketshare with their Live videos.  In 2019, Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic.

4. Video Increases the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

We recommend using video in a variety of spaces: YouTube of course, your website, Social Media, as well as Paid Display Ads (PPC). We have seen first-hand that incorporating video in on display ads increases click-thru-rates (CTR’s) up to 30%. Video incorporated into email marketing increases the clicks, shares and comments, making your marketing email 200-300% more effective. According to this study of B2B advertising, 70% of respondents claim that video performs better than other content for producing conversions.

5. Video is Versatile

Think of your next marketing objective and you’ll find that video is one of the best ways to achieve it. Want to launch a new product? Create a video about it and its features. Need to convince people that they’ll love your company? Create a customer-testimonial video or montage. Want more followers online? Create a video introducing your company and your “why” for being in business. There are so many different types of video that can complement your marketing strategy like a glove.

Are you using video? How has it helped you? What kind of videos have you created?

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